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Retreat Centre was established in 10th July 2001. It is the first charismatic retreat centre in the orthodox community. The main aim of the sukhada ministry is to guide one to be in Jesus and to make him feel the unconditional love of our God Almighty.


In the modern world people are running behind the money. Money occupies a powerful place in the society. People are immersed in the physical comforts offered by the world. This tempts them to go behind the money in order to grab the best they can. People are ready to spend hours in their work places, working hard to earn more. In that busy schedule they don’t find time to spend for the lord. We are living in a society where the love of a person is measured by the price tag of the gifts they buy. Even the parental care and responsibility are measured by how well they provide facilities to their children. People are giving primary importance to the external happiness. Due to this reason many of them fail to perceive the unconditional love of Jesus. This is because they don’t have a good relation with God. The motive of the Sukhada  Ministry is to help them and to guide them to build a good relationship with Jesus and to transmit the peace and happiness to the whole world.


In the physical world people may be valued with his/her position in the society and degrees. But our Lord in the heaven appraises us on the basis of our good acts and our relation with God. We may be physically rich but when we look into our self, into our inner soul we may be poor. It is believed that a person is not judged on what he had and what he was during his life on the earth, but what society says about him after his death. A person living in the name of Jesus may not be rich, may not be known to everyone but in the heaven he may be richest of the rich. It is not what he has but what he is. A person living in the name of the Lord will be once known to the world for his good acts. Of all the relationship in the world the only relation sustains forever is the relation with God. All other relationship will cease with our last breath. After the death a person is becoming a memory, but a person living in the name of God, his or her presence is felt even after his death. It is said that nothing sustains forever, but the love and care of our father Jesus will sustain even after our death. For that we should have a good relationship with God. The main aim of the Sukhada Ministry is to guide one to be in God. It is supposed that if a person is in the God, a family is in the God. If a family is living in the name of the God, a society is said to be in the name of the Lord. Our objective is to guide oneself to live in the name of the Jesus and to make him experience the spiritual happiness and to enlighten his life.


In the busy and stressful life, people are longing for internal peace. Money and the position in the society may provide us with all physical comforts, but not the internal peace. Retreats aim at providing internal peace and to spread his good name to the whole world. Different types of retreats are conducted in the Retreat Center of Sukhada. Of all the most important is inner healing retreat. A doctor may heal a wound, but only Jesus can heal our inner wounds. Inner healing retreat aim to replenish the love of our father Jesus and to render inner healing of wounds. Over thousands of people had participated in the inner healing retreat and had gained the experience of God’s love.  Of this many of them are spreading the name of the Lord and their experience in the different parts of the world.

Youth are the asset of the society. But the development and exposure of technology and change in living conditions are corrupting the minds of the youth. Youth retreat aim at providing proper guidance to the youth in the name of God, and thus to develop them as the true asset of the society.


Other retreats conducted in our Retreat center are Angels retreat, Holy Spirit anointing Retreat, Holy Communion retreat.

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