Abba Daniel

Abba Daniel used to tell also about Abba Arsenius: ‘One day he called my Fathers, Abba Alexander and Abba Zulus, and by way of humiliating himself, said to them, Since the demons attack me and I do not know if they will not rob me when I am asleep tonight, share my suffering and watch lest I fall asleep during my vigil.’’ Late at night they sat in silence, one on his right and the other on his left. My Fathers said, ‘As for us, we fell asleep, then woke again, but we did not notice that he drowsed. Early in the morning (God knows if he did it on purpose to make us believe that he had slept, or whether he had really given way to sleep)he gave three sights,  then immediately got up, saying, ‘I have been to sleep, haven’t I? We replied that we did not know.’’