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Goals of Sukhada family fellowship:

1) Sukhada unites families which are fractured due to numerous weaknesses and characteristics in Christ

2) Sukhada leads as a friend those who are isolated in society and afflicted to Christ.

3) Sukhada helps people to stand steadfast in faith and to remain in genuine spiritual life

4) Sukhada works for emancipation of young generation which is enslaved to alien culture and wrong attitudes towards life. The young generation needs to be given proper guidance and teachings about God.

5) Gives spiritual follow-up to those who have comeback from wayward life to spirituality and prevent them from going back to their previous condition.

6) Makes many partners in the work of spreading the love of Christ through philanthropic and other voluntary services to the needy.

Sukhada’s role in the functioning of family units

1) Perennial prayers

a) Sukhada Chain Prayer Cell perennially pray for each member of the family.

b) On all Wednesdays and Fridays the fellowship offers prayers for family members by remembering their names.

c) Second Wednesdays of every month are dedicated for “night vigil prayers” for the family members.

2) SMS Prayers:

a) Sukhada sends SMS to all the SFF members conveying prayer request received from individuals and ensures participation of all partner’s prayer for them.

b) SMS conveys its day-to-day activities to members.

3) Every month the members of the prayer group contacts each member of SFF over phone to enquire about subjects for prayer and they pray for the specific purpose.

4) The family fellowship members wish each member of the fraternity on important occasions like birthdays, wedding anniversary etc .During chain prayer days and in holy mass special prayers are offered in their names.

5) In the case of death of a member, Family fellowship members are informed the matter through SMS and ensures presence of maximum members during funeral. Family fellowship arranges counseling for the bereaved family.

6)They hold special prayers for students appearing for examinations, it also conduct special prayers, counseling sessions etc for students at the beginning of the academic year and also during publication of annual examination results.

7) Circulation of Sukhada Voice: Sukhada Voice a publication of the retreat centre is sent to each member free of charge. Literary contributions like articles, short stories, poetries etc are invited from among the members and published which are found suitable. The publication conducts creative competitions in the areas of poetry, short story, bible quiz with a view to fostering spirituality among its members.

8) Field service: The fellowship prepares its members for field service in spreading the Bible truth through conducting bible classes, public speaking, music classes, playing musical instruments to those who have talent in respective field.

9) Philanthropic Service:

a) The fellowship looks after the poor and destitute children, provide them education and thereby make them responsible citizens in the society and enlist them as members in the family fellowship.

b) Sukhada has formed a blood donor’s forum from among the family members and make blood donation during emergencies.

c) Every year one house is constructed under the auspice of Sukhada for distribution to the poor.

Sukhada fellowship extends support to those who are victims of economic recession, terrorism, epidemics and natural calamities etc who have lost all hopes in life and believed to be forsaken even by God. Sukhada endeavours to bring them back to God’s love and mercy.


Sukhada invites each and every one to join its journey which is guided by the power of Holy Spirit in its day to day activities mentioned above.


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