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prayer cellA Chain Prayer Cell functions in Sukhada where prayer warriors are ready 24 hours a day to attend to the prayer requests received over the phone or in-person from people in different parts of the world on various subjects. Service in the Chain Prayer Cell is voluntary and is a gesture of gratitude by those who received blessings and favors from God through prayers and also retreats which they attended at Sukhada. These prayer warriors are spiritually enlightened people who have been associated with Sukhada Prayer Cell for many years and have dedicated part of their time for the service of God.

It is God’s desire that each one should work and pray diligently for the sake of others who go astray from Him, lest no soul is perished. It must be understood that all the problems in one’s family, big or small, and all his bodily afflictions are caused by his own sins and wickedness.

God never rejects a repentant heart. He forgives and makes him well when he confesses his sins to God and seeks forgiveness. This discernment compels him to pray for others and confess God’s love to others, who live in similar situations. It is God’s command that each one of us must have concern for our brothers and must pray for them when they are in distress. However, in a selfish world where everyone seeks his own welfare and comfort, it is very rare gesture that a group of people in Sukhada  Prayer cell dedicate their time and prayer for the well-being of those who need prayer help. The Chain Prayer Cell in Sukhada functions in a chapel constructed in the name of Parumala thirumeni. Night vigil services are held in the chapel on every Wednesday by members of the prayer cell. Petitions received by the prayer cell are kept at the altar. Special Mass is offered and special prayers are held during vigil services on behalf of those who seek prayer help.

All the activities of the Sukhada Ministry are guided by the Holy Spirit as the members constantly pray for His blessings and guidance in all their activities. Special sermons and prayers are held at Sukhada so that everyone who comes to Sukhada should find answers to their problems and are strengthened spiritually. Special care is taken to see that the services and prayers are held strictly according to the precepts of Holy Bible and not influenced by individual views or opinions so that the congregation at Sukhada helps each one of its members to become instruments for spreading the word of God.

If you wish to be a part of our prayer cell , then you are often welcome and our family will be so happy to welcome you to our prayer group.


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