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suvishesha yatra During the past one decade or so, Sukadha has been doing yeoman service in bringing people closer to God through its SUVISESHA YATHRAs – Journey through Gospel.

So far, Sukadha has conducted thousands of Yathras – discourses on Holy Bible – at different parts inside and outside the state.  In all the places where these Yathras were conducted, hundreds of people came forward to testify that they have been abundantly blessed spiritually and physically.

Most of the Yathras are conducted in connection with the church feasts – feast of the Patron Saints of the Parish – at the invitation of parish committees and church authorities. In the days when church feasts are deemed as occasions to eat drink and dance, the Yathra team exhorted people that beyond celebrating these occasions for mere merry making, the feasts of those saints must serve as an occasion to meditate on how those saints dedicated their lives in the service of God and the people must try to emulate them in their daily life.

Hundreds of people came forward and testified that the sermons touched their hearts deeply and many of them who were despised and kept away from church services for years together got rid of their doubts and misconceptions about precepts of the church and became regular churchgoers and ardent worshipers.   These changes have happened not only in Malankara Orthodox Church but in other churches as well.  Those who attended the Bible conventions at different parts fervently came forward to admit that the conventions gave them a new experience in life and the sermons gave them a new insight about Holy Mass and other sacraments of the church.


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